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Max Fine Interview

What’s good brother, the calendar year is slowly coming to a cold end, are you happy with your 2017?What’s up! 2017 has been good, I got a warm jacket, no complaints here.What was your highest and lowest moment this past year?I’d have to say just chilling with friends really. Skating, beers, going camping and getting out of the city as much as I can. The lowest moment is definitely the passing of Darrell Smith. Such a massive loss, I’m sure as you all know, he was one of a kind. RIP.Backside 180 - Photo by Ralph DammanGetting older our relationships with our boards change. How’s are things with you and four wheeled wifey these days?Definitely true. Me and wifey still love each other and I still get out there but I’ve been super busy these days so it’s a bit tougher to find time. She’s waiting for me at my front door ready to go. Looking to turn that excuse around for 2018 though. The new Skate Loft is looking pretty nice these days.I feel like traveling brings out the best of you on a skateboard, what’s on the horizon in terms of skate trips?I love everything about travelling so I’m usually pretty hyped when I’m on trips. Unfortunately I don’t have anything planned at the moment. Maybe I’ll hit up a last minute vacation during the holiday break. I was thinking of doing a massive road trip through the states next summer. That’ll probably be a half skate half life banger trip.Backside Flip - Photo by Jeff ComberYou’ve been known to make it pop in montages and trip articles, when can the people expect that full Max Fine part, cover, and 20 page interview?Haha, Isn’t this a 20 pager? I’m pretty sure that I’m destined to be a token guest trick guy. which I’m cool with, I always have extra clips for friends projects. Who knows though, 2018 could be my year to make it. Thrasher what’s good?5050 - Photo Will JivcoffYou’ve been getting more into following the NBA the past couple years, who’s your team, who’s your favourite player and do you have a finals prediction to put on wax?I’m new to the game so I’m not going to pretend like I know much about it haha. My team is definitely the Raps. Other than that I’ve been down with the Rockets. Harden’s my guy, I got him on my fantasy team so I’ve been watching their games, he’s a beast! I’m going to go ahead and say Lebron is going to do a mid season trade to the Raps and we’re going to take it. If that doesn’t happen then probably a Golden State repeat. It would be real nice to see a different finals matchup, which may be the case cause the Cavs are shitting the bed. Oh and Hayward for MVP.Can you tell the people who Cletus is, where he’s been hiding and when we can expect him back in our lives?Hahah oh fuck, I don’t even know where to begin. Cletus is basically a cooler version of me. He’s a middle aged man from middle America who looks and sounds exactly like me. It’s fucked! Except he’s balding, has better posture and a much more successful tinder game. He hasn’t been back in Toronto for a while now, I haven’t seen him for some time. Last I heard from him, he sent me a postcard from his new home in Fiji. He married some Brazilian model and his hair is starting to grow back. Hopefully he comes back for a visit soon!Can you throw one of the following three people under the bus with a story of your choosing? Mitch Barrette, Matt Canadien, Chad Dickson.Hahah damn, sorry in advance. I’ll give Mitch and Matt a break and take this opportunity to share a little story about Chad. We rode for DC at the time and we were on a world tour, our first and only stop was Hamilton Ontario. I’m not sure how it happened but a bearded chick showed up in the hotel room. Chad disappeared and returned a couple mins later wearing nothing but a hat, socks and underwear. One thing led to another, he hooked up with a bearded lady. I guess I can’t knock it till I try it. I wish I got to see these guys more, love em all to death.What’s keeping you busy these days? Give us a day in the life.Well after a pretty chill 9 year summer break I decided to go back to school, that’s basically been my life these days. I wish I had something mind blowing for you. I wake up, get my cat to chase a laser for 10 minutes, then go to school. I’ve been working on a couple side things. dI’m doing a commercial for my dad and working on a friends film. Ive been really enjoying the change of pace, and exposure to different types of work, but its definitely tough to keep up at times. If I don’t have too much shit to do, I’ll go skate or try to get out of the city for a bit.Kickflip - Photo by Ralph DammanWhat do you have up your sleeve for 2018?Oh man, big year. Hopefully a couple guest tricks here and there haha. I plan on putting a lot of focus into school at the moment. other than that just skate as much as I can, chill with friends, ball on Fridays and hopefully the road trip of pain in the summer. Try to enjoy myself as much as possible.

Max Fine

Ralph Damman

Will Jivcoff

Jeff Comber

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Resurrection – The Ghost

Back in 2009 after recovering from my first ankle surgery, I was inspired to make some music and let the people know I was back on board and ready to make noise. Back then “the people” consisted of my facebook friends cause I was too embarrassed to have this music video floating around public domain. Now that I embarrass myself publicly once a week on The Bunt keeping this video private doesn’t seem as necessary. Donovan told the people we would post it so really, there’s no going back.

It’s funny listening to this song years later as I’m in a similar situation, recovering from another ankle surgery. As my physiotherapy continues and I gain stability in my ankle, a familiar desire to get creative in the form of a horrible rap song is coming over me. New track in the works? The Rise of the Phoenix volume 3? Only time will tell…

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Fingers Crossed: The Chad Montie Story

From the minds of Aidan Johnston, Chris Wardle and Nick Genova, Fingers Crossed: The Chad Montie Story is an instant classic and definitely 10 minutes well spent. We here at The Bunt were lucky enough to have a cameo in the feature and wanted to share it with you, our beloved listeners. Take a deep dive into the life of Chad Montie, the Tom Penny/Dave Mayhew/Darrell Stanton of finger boarding.


Watch fingers crossed: the chad montie story on vice

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Glencoe Hogle III Interview

GH3 what’s going on legend!?

Chilling my dudes! Life’s good these days for sure.

Is there a hubba safe out there from the GH3 switch noseslide? What do you have your eyes set on next?

Oh man haha, I have a heavy beef with that Barcelona Kenny Reed hubba up at the stadium. That super long one, anyway, two separate winter trips and a hospital visit on that beast. She’s the one that got away thus far for sure. The dream one is the Montreal double kink that Josh may or may not have 50-50’d wink wink. I’ve bunted a few times on that mission but hopefully next time I’ll pull my balls out of my purse for the kinks of Zeus.


Berri Square Ollie (2006) – Geoff Clifford Photo

You’ve rode for a number of Canadian companies over the years. Where does your inspiration come from to #supportyourlocal and grow the Canadian scene?

Over a decade ago I went on my first skate trip to Argentina with a whole crew of Canadian heavies! I still don’t know how I ended up on that trip, especially since I was supposed to be the filmer haha. Argentina at that time couldn’t get any American product, they didn’t even have functioning griptape it was a wild eye opening experience. The locals knowing this had created an entire industry of local brands that all supported each other and it was amazing. Geoff Dermer was on that trip also and as soon as we went home he started Kitch skateboards. I was blown away how sick that was and Dermer has been a huge inspiration ever since with supporting local rather than just trying to be pro for some random company.

What did it mean to you to see your name not only on a board but on a wheel?

Its a rad feeling for sure! Seeing people stoked on a product with your name on it is way better feeling then actually getting the “pro” status. That wheel turned out to be some best selling wheel in Ontario which was so jokes haha. I only ever seen one person in Toronto ever with my board and it was some random dude Mall Grabbing through Trinity Bellwoods park. Was so funny I was hyped haha.

What happened to Kokblock skateboards?
Well Paul Flintoff was moving to Van and couldn’t do the graphics anymore and Sarrazin was going through some family issues and everything kinda just fell apart. It was a great few years though, mad love for that time to everyone involved in Kokblock

Unitel Gap FS Tail (2012) Comber Photo

Where did the idea to start your own board company come from?

So on Sept 1, 2016 I quite drinking. It was a long time coming and it has been the best decision I have ever made. Real quickly I realized how much money I had been wasting for so long on just being a selfish pile. So I started putting all the cash I would usually have been drinking into a stash and one day it was fat! Fat enough that it seemed like the universe had given me a chance to use that money for something positive. Latchkey was born of my sobriety and now seeing the company grow is so rad! I used to be obsessed with getting photos printed in mags to almost justify my partying, now to see the dudes on the team be able to save a few dollars, to have a platform and a reason to go film. Just knowing that Kong can forget about buying skateboards and instead spend that money on feeding his kid is worth more to me now than anything else.

Tell us about the team and what you have planned for the company?

The team is a pack of savages! Blackwood, Noftall, Nate and Kong they just rule love these dudes. Our first promo drops any day now, it’s hot fire! Hopefully we’re gonna do a winter trip to keep the footy rolling out. Other than that hopefully get some Guest models popping so we can honour dudes that deserve boards for all the destruction over the years that may have been forgotten. Hopefully i’ll have the honour of printing some team dudes names on boards! Can’t wait for that day, they all deserve it if they want to work for it.

We’re in the small brand era, the 917s, FA, Hockey etc. Where do you see Latchkey in 5-10 years?

The dream would be that the company is stable and everyone has boards under their feet. Asking for more then that is just selfish. As long as the teams happy and we’re making product people want to rep then that’s all that matters. Latchkey is supposed to be fun so letting it grow organically and stress free is all I can hope for. Real recognize real so the sky’s the limit.

Switch Crook – Kazimachuk Photo

Your trick selection isn’t that of an ordinary skater, where do you get your trick inspiration from?

Boredom. Straight up. I like skating original, hard to skate, spots that make you say “Where the f*ck is that!” The spot should complement your trick. If it doesn’t and your just filming some flip in flip out on some random plastic bench at the local Wal-Mart… Just don’t. Be creative or else its just sports.

You get to do your fair share of travelling, what’s been your favourite destination, and if you could plan your dream skate trip what would it be?

Argentina for sure! that trip changed the entire course of my life and I would love to go back again one day. Anywhere in South America really.

Dream trip would be anywhere sunny with great spots and all the homies who have passed away just laughing and loving life with us once again.

What’s the latest hot conspiracy theory the people need to be aware of?

Well it’s not a conspiracy since its real… Don’t give your phone your finger print! Now they don’t need to arrest you. Snowden gave up his entire life to expose the surveillance state we live in and no one even bothered to read the papers. Then they call me crazy cause I put tape over a web cam as if you’ve never read 1984 by George Orwell. Come on hevs.

Which Canadian skater doesn’t have a board that deserves one?

This list is endless. No idea where to begin, Mitch Barrett deserves a board no matter how short he is. Also we may not be too tight these days but Joe Buffalo is a legend.

What’s in store for GH3 in 2018?

Smile and skate on. Lets get it!


Latchkey Skateboards

Ollie Photo by Geoff Clifford

FS Tail Photo by Jeff Comber

Switch Crook Photo by Michael Kazimierczhuk


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Keith Henry Interview


You moved from Vancouver to Toronto, what was the reason behind the move?

I’ve been here for a bit over a year and a half. I moved initially to shoot more fashion and editorial photos, and continue making clothing with more resources around me. I’d been in Vancouver for the last 7 years and wanted to switch it up, so I made the move out East. I had a lot of friends between here and Montreal, which made my decision a lot easier.

How’s Toronto treating you, are you here to stay?

Toronto is great. I love it here and will likely be here for a while, but I wouldn’t be opposed to moving elsewhere if it was a good enough opportunity. I would like to live in as many cities as I can throughout my life.

You’ve blessed us with some beautiful skate photos for this interview, are you still shooting much skating these days?

I haven’t shot skateboard photos for a long time, honestly. Even in the last year I lived in Vancouver, I started to really slow down. I’ve shot a handful of photos since I’ve been in Toronto, but I don’t have the motivation to go out like I used to.


Ryan Witt – Backside Flip

What are you into shooting now?

I like portrait and editorial photography, but I’ll shoot anything I find interesting. Weather it’s the people around me or client-based work, I try to shoot on the fly and go with the flow of things rather than a set-up situation. I like the spontaneity of skateboarding photography where you have to make the best of what’s in front of you and deal with police, pedestrians, or numerous other situations.

What’s your obsession with finding the right fitting pants?

I have really wide and short legs, and it’s tough for me to find anything that fits good. Military clothing and workwear fits me better because it’s boxier and baggier, so that’s what I started to get really into.

You’ve started your own company “Henry’s”, was not being able to find the perfect pair of pants the inspiration behind it?

Yeah, pretty much. I used to sew as a kid, and I would tailor my pants when I wanted them shorter or tapered. I would take some of my dads shirts and sew them tighter so they fit me and always had an interest in making things fit perfect. A couple years ago, I wasn’t fully satisfied with what I was finding and decided to take matters into my own hands and make pants for myself.


Kevin Lowry – Half Cab

How can people get their hands on that Henry’s gear?

You can check it out on instagram (@wearhenrys), and see what I’ve been up to. At the moment, I’ve been swamped with making clothing for my friends, and developing new styles for myself. Everything is completely custom and made by me, so I’ve been really busy with orders. Eventually, I’ll get a few pieces produced which will be easier to get my product out to people.

How did you get the nickname Big Diesel?

I think Nate Roline or Kelly Day gave me the nickname when I was wrestling my friend Kellan. They kept saying, “Big Diesel” and it just stuck. I also happened to drive a big diesel truck at the time for my job, which may have had something to do with my name. Shouts out to my family over at A&B in Vancouver!

How did Big Diesel get blessed one of the greatest flicks of all time?

Backside flips of pain. Definitely the Alberta beef. My homie Don (@b1gdon) has some blessed flick too and we’re both from the same area. It can’t be a coincidence.


Rick McCrank – FS Ollie

What do you have up your sleeve for 2018?

Lots of plans clothing and photo wise: I just want to push myself harder with both, and put all my effort into it. I’m trying to land a kickflip backside noseblunt before Justin David does, but that might still happen in 2017. Only time will tell.

Do you miss Landon, Michelle, and Tyler Warren?

I miss them a lot actually, and miss everyone else in Vancouver too. Thankfully they’ve been out here a few times and I’ve been back once, but I’d like to make it happen more often. I wish this country was cheaper to travel within!


Video by Briggs Ogloff

Portrait by Christian Alexander
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Johnny Purcell Interview

Photo by Curtis Rothney


Lil big man, you’re living in Paris on a school exchange, smooth transition? How’s that Euro life treating you?

Overall, everything has been amazing. The lifestyle here is “slower” in the sense that you can actually enjoy and appreciate things.

I had some issues with my first apartment though. I started looking for places super late and ended up booking a room in a retired couple’s house. They were nice, but living with two 70 year olds wasn’t for me.  I wasn’t on a lease or anything, so at the end of September I packed up all my stuff and dipped in the middle of the night and left a note. I got a butter studio now so everything worked out for the better.

Have you made any school or skate friends or is tinder you’re only friend these days?

I actually haven’t been fucking with tinder out here haha. I’ve gone on trips before and used it a bunch, but it hasn’t really been necessary this time around.

I’ve been able to meet some people through school, but mostly just been meeting people through skating. The scene is really good here and people have been super welcoming. Been skating with Valentin Bauer, Karl Salah, and a bunch of others. Shoutout to my young homie Alasdrou and his roommate AlieCoCo as well. They hooked me up with a place to stay while I was homeless for a minute.

You’ve been putting out bangers on instagram all year. You saving any real clips  or just chasing the likes and Glory from your Instagram fans around the globe?

Those likes are dangerous man. Little unpredictable bursts of dopamine. Strangers you don’t know, virtually endorsing something you did. It’s scary that it actually feels good.

I’ve got a VX part with Brian Shannon (@bshanss) right now for his next project, and some HD stuff scattered around. I would like to try and get more things while I’m out here since everything looks so good.


BS Smith – Photo by Benjamin Deberdt


You’re quite the young player, what are some of your most successful one liners with the ladies?

“I’m friends with ‘the ghost’ ”

You’re familiar with French women having lived in Montreal the past few years. How are the Paris ladies treating you?

I mean, it’s Paris.. hahah Sometimes there can be a language barrier, but I kind of like that. I’m really trying to improve my French while I’m out here, and having to use it to communicate with girls is good practice. My advice to any French speaking Canadian skaters is to come here, wife up, and get that European green card baby!

You’re a young, smart, talented skater in university. Are you in these streets trying to make it as a skater? 

The “made it” lines seem a bit blurry within the skateboard industry these days. But in the general “living off of skateboarding” sense, no, I’m not trying to make it. But if skateboarding for brands can help me travel for the time being, that’s cool too. I’ve reached a calming point where, it doesn’t really matter, but I’ll still film and shoot photos because I want to.


Nollie – Photo by Michael Kazimierczuk

What other avenues do you want to explore when you’re done school?

I’m doing some computer science in school, and I’ve got a couple ideas for applications I’d like to do in the future. I’m not very good at coding yet, but I’ve got other friends in school who are doing coding full time. It would be cool to put a lot of energy and time into a project with them and see what we could come up with. Bunt app coming soon?

You’re a closet jock like us over here at the bunt. What are your thoughts on the slowly fading dichotomy between skateboarding and jocks?

*googles dichotomy

Most of my classically labeled jock activities, (going to the gym, doing yoga, eating good) were just a result of getting injured and going insane. I genuinely dislike the gym. The people are usually whack and usually just there to look at themselves, but if going to the gym can help keep my knees healthy, I’m gonna do it.

As skateboarding grows, skateboarders are getting access to information they didn’t have before. Fitness, health, and diet, things previously categorized as jock activities, are becoming more accepted.

Would you tryout or want to skate for team Canada in the Olympics, you jock bastard?

It’s a guilty pleasure, but I actually like contests haha. They get me stoked to try scary stuff. That being said, no, I wouldn’t skate for team Canada. I can’t do backside 270 lipslides, I wouldn’t last in that crowd. I prefer a nice best trick for free money, you know?


Feeble – Photo by Michael Kazimierczuk

You room with the ghost when you’re in Toronto, what’s the best and worst thing about it? 

The best thing is just hanging out and talking shit on stuff 24/7. Plus he’s always got a hilarious mission for me to wingman on. The worst thing is that I’m a chronic late sleeper and I’ve been trying to fix that, start getting up earlier and be more productive. And staying with Cephas is a relapse every-time. The guy is a human sloth, it rubs off on you. If he’s not working we usually have coffee and breakfast between noon-1, leave the house by 3.

What you got lined up on and off the board for 2018?

Linking, building, and strictly good vibes b.

My goal for when I go back to Montreal is to have learned enough french to get a decent part time job while I’m in school for the winter. I’ll be living with Kyle “no shirt till November” Macdonald, roommate of pain. Hopefully have my VX stuff with BShanz come out. Try and go to New York to skate with the ChyrstieNYC guys in Spring. And of course, come to the 6 and stay at chez ghost and skate with my favourite bunters.

Instagram @johnnypurcell

Curtis Rothney

Michael Kazimierczuk 

Benjamin Deberdt


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Ryan DesRoches Interview


What’s a typical day in the life for you now that you’re done school?

Basically I’ve just been going to Blue Tile Lounge and  going out skating from there with Devin Guiney and Rich Preston trying to film for the BTL video. Been looking for a job bussing tables or something chill like that, so if anyone in Toronto has some leads for me that would be blessed.

Did you learn slappies before Ollie’s? 

Haha no I didn’t, but I definitely got self conscious about the whole slappy thing. Paul used to roast me for always doing slappies and having no pop. Wade also told me one time that you guys didn’t think I could Ollie when you first met me. 

How’s the Blue Tile video coming along? Who’s part are you most hyped to see?

It’s coming along well, personally I feel like the past month or so everyone’s been wanting to go out and film more or just go skate in general. A few of us are going out to Upstate New York this coming weekend, should be fun.

And really love to see footage of the older team riders, they’ve all been my favourites since I was much younger, seeing a part from them would be really tight. Excited to see Jed’s part for sure though, he’s been ripping.



Hunter Grant story? 

This one time there was some party at Apartment 200 that was based around Alexander Wang, Hunter snuck in and got into Alexander Wang’s booth, Hunter and him started talking and the good homie Wang got Hunter black out, when everyone left the party Hunter got into Dave Livingston’s uber and puked everywhere, from what I heard the Uber driver tried to charge Dave for damaging the interior.

I could tell endless stories about Hunter though, he’s a true ride or die, love him to bits. 

How come you gave up on the bucket hat trend?

Haha fuck, well basically there was a summer when I was 14 or 15 and I would wear a bucket hat everyday skating ashbridges with you guys. Wade gave me the nickname “school boy” after School Boy Q, because he always wore bucket hats. I don’t fuck with School Boy Q but now I have that nick name for life. So that’s tight… thanks Wade. Bucket hats got played really quick though.

You were once the young jib master of toronto, how does it feel to hold grinds these days? 

Hahaha reading these questions makes me realize how much you guys used to roast me when I was younger. I can tell that this question is from Cephas, because I’m still waiting for Dono to graduate out of the jib club, would love to see him hold something other than a nosegrind or a 5.0. 


5050 to Wallride


What’s your dream skate destination?

Sounds kinda corny but Barcelona. Seems pretty flawless for a skate trip. 

Would you rather skate “Barcelona” with Nyjah, Kechaud Johnson and Andy Mcdonald for a month straight or stay posted in Toronto in the dead of winter?

Honestly, I’d be staying in Toronto. I don’t know if I could watch Nyjah skate everyday for a month. Kechaud and Andy Mac would be a twisted combo too.

What do you want to get accomplished on and off your board in 2018? 

I guess just figuring out what I want to do for school, finish this part for BTL and maybe go down to L.A. with Rich. Maybe skate a real handrail for the first time in my life time. 


Photos by Jeff Comber @combzone
Follow Ryan on Instagram @rryan.100
Follow Blue Tile Lounge on Instagram @bluetilelounge


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