Ryan DesRoches Interview


What’s a typical day in the life for you now that you’re done school?

Basically I’ve just been going to Blue Tile Lounge and  going out skating from there with Devin Guiney and Rich Preston trying to film for the BTL video. Been looking for a job bussing tables or something chill like that, so if anyone in Toronto has some leads for me that would be blessed.

Did you learn slappies before Ollie’s? 

Haha no I didn’t, but I definitely got self conscious about the whole slappy thing. Paul used to roast me for always doing slappies and having no pop. Wade also told me one time that you guys didn’t think I could Ollie when you first met me. 

How’s the Blue Tile video coming along? Who’s part are you most hyped to see?

It’s coming along well, personally I feel like the past month or so everyone’s been wanting to go out and film more or just go skate in general. A few of us are going out to Upstate New York this coming weekend, should be fun.

And really love to see footage of the older team riders, they’ve all been my favourites since I was much younger, seeing a part from them would be really tight. Excited to see Jed’s part for sure though, he’s been ripping.



Hunter Grant story? 

This one time there was some party at Apartment 200 that was based around Alexander Wang, Hunter snuck in and got into Alexander Wang’s booth, Hunter and him started talking and the good homie Wang got Hunter black out, when everyone left the party Hunter got into Dave Livingston’s uber and puked everywhere, from what I heard the Uber driver tried to charge Dave for damaging the interior.

I could tell endless stories about Hunter though, he’s a true ride or die, love him to bits. 

How come you gave up on the bucket hat trend?

Haha fuck, well basically there was a summer when I was 14 or 15 and I would wear a bucket hat everyday skating ashbridges with you guys. Wade gave me the nickname “school boy” after School Boy Q, because he always wore bucket hats. I don’t fuck with School Boy Q but now I have that nick name for life. So that’s tight… thanks Wade. Bucket hats got played really quick though.

You were once the young jib master of toronto, how does it feel to hold grinds these days? 

Hahaha reading these questions makes me realize how much you guys used to roast me when I was younger. I can tell that this question is from Cephas, because I’m still waiting for Dono to graduate out of the jib club, would love to see him hold something other than a nosegrind or a 5.0. 


5050 to Wallride


What’s your dream skate destination?

Sounds kinda corny but Barcelona. Seems pretty flawless for a skate trip. 

Would you rather skate “Barcelona” with Nyjah, Kechaud Johnson and Andy Mcdonald for a month straight or stay posted in Toronto in the dead of winter?

Honestly, I’d be staying in Toronto. I don’t know if I could watch Nyjah skate everyday for a month. Kechaud and Andy Mac would be a twisted combo too.

What do you want to get accomplished on and off your board in 2018? 

I guess just figuring out what I want to do for school, finish this part for BTL and maybe go down to L.A. with Rich. Maybe skate a real handrail for the first time in my life time. 


Photos by Jeff Comber @combzone
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