Keith Henry Interview


You moved from Vancouver to Toronto, what was the reason behind the move?

I’ve been here for a bit over a year and a half. I moved initially to shoot more fashion and editorial photos, and continue making clothing with more resources around me. I’d been in Vancouver for the last 7 years and wanted to switch it up, so I made the move out East. I had a lot of friends between here and Montreal, which made my decision a lot easier.

How’s Toronto treating you, are you here to stay?

Toronto is great. I love it here and will likely be here for a while, but I wouldn’t be opposed to moving elsewhere if it was a good enough opportunity. I would like to live in as many cities as I can throughout my life.

You’ve blessed us with some beautiful skate photos for this interview, are you still shooting much skating these days?

I haven’t shot skateboard photos for a long time, honestly. Even in the last year I lived in Vancouver, I started to really slow down. I’ve shot a handful of photos since I’ve been in Toronto, but I don’t have the motivation to go out like I used to.


Ryan Witt – Backside Flip

What are you into shooting now?

I like portrait and editorial photography, but I’ll shoot anything I find interesting. Weather it’s the people around me or client-based work, I try to shoot on the fly and go with the flow of things rather than a set-up situation. I like the spontaneity of skateboarding photography where you have to make the best of what’s in front of you and deal with police, pedestrians, or numerous other situations.

What’s your obsession with finding the right fitting pants?

I have really wide and short legs, and it’s tough for me to find anything that fits good. Military clothing and workwear fits me better because it’s boxier and baggier, so that’s what I started to get really into.

You’ve started your own company “Henry’s”, was not being able to find the perfect pair of pants the inspiration behind it?

Yeah, pretty much. I used to sew as a kid, and I would tailor my pants when I wanted them shorter or tapered. I would take some of my dads shirts and sew them tighter so they fit me and always had an interest in making things fit perfect. A couple years ago, I wasn’t fully satisfied with what I was finding and decided to take matters into my own hands and make pants for myself.


Kevin Lowry – Half Cab

How can people get their hands on that Henry’s gear?

You can check it out on instagram (@wearhenrys), and see what I’ve been up to. At the moment, I’ve been swamped with making clothing for my friends, and developing new styles for myself. Everything is completely custom and made by me, so I’ve been really busy with orders. Eventually, I’ll get a few pieces produced which will be easier to get my product out to people.

How did you get the nickname Big Diesel?

I think Nate Roline or Kelly Day gave me the nickname when I was wrestling my friend Kellan. They kept saying, “Big Diesel” and it just stuck. I also happened to drive a big diesel truck at the time for my job, which may have had something to do with my name. Shouts out to my family over at A&B in Vancouver!

How did Big Diesel get blessed one of the greatest flicks of all time?

Backside flips of pain. Definitely the Alberta beef. My homie Don (@b1gdon) has some blessed flick too and we’re both from the same area. It can’t be a coincidence.


Rick McCrank – FS Ollie

What do you have up your sleeve for 2018?

Lots of plans clothing and photo wise: I just want to push myself harder with both, and put all my effort into it. I’m trying to land a kickflip backside noseblunt before Justin David does, but that might still happen in 2017. Only time will tell.

Do you miss Landon, Michelle, and Tyler Warren?

I miss them a lot actually, and miss everyone else in Vancouver too. Thankfully they’ve been out here a few times and I’ve been back once, but I’d like to make it happen more often. I wish this country was cheaper to travel within!


Video by Briggs Ogloff


Portrait by Christian Alexander

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