Max Fine Interview

What’s good brother, the calendar year is slowly coming to a cold end, are you happy with your 2017?What’s up! 2017 has been good, I got a warm jacket, no complaints here.What was your highest and lowest moment this past year?I’d have to say just chilling with friends really. Skating, beers, going camping and getting out of the city as much as I can. The lowest moment is definitely the passing of Darrell Smith. Such a massive loss, I’m sure as you all know, he was one of a kind. RIP.Backside 180 - Photo by Ralph DammanGetting older our relationships with our boards change. How’s are things with you and four wheeled wifey these days?Definitely true. Me and wifey still love each other and I still get out there but I’ve been super busy these days so it’s a bit tougher to find time. She’s waiting for me at my front door ready to go. Looking to turn that excuse around for 2018 though. The new Skate Loft is looking pretty nice these days.I feel like traveling brings out the best of you on a skateboard, what’s on the horizon in terms of skate trips?I love everything about travelling so I’m usually pretty hyped when I’m on trips. Unfortunately I don’t have anything planned at the moment. Maybe I’ll hit up a last minute vacation during the holiday break. I was thinking of doing a massive road trip through the states next summer. That’ll probably be a half skate half life banger trip.Backside Flip - Photo by Jeff ComberYou’ve been known to make it pop in montages and trip articles, when can the people expect that full Max Fine part, cover, and 20 page interview?Haha, Isn’t this a 20 pager? I’m pretty sure that I’m destined to be a token guest trick guy. which I’m cool with, I always have extra clips for friends projects. Who knows though, 2018 could be my year to make it. Thrasher what’s good?5050 - Photo Will JivcoffYou’ve been getting more into following the NBA the past couple years, who’s your team, who’s your favourite player and do you have a finals prediction to put on wax?I’m new to the game so I’m not going to pretend like I know much about it haha. My team is definitely the Raps. Other than that I’ve been down with the Rockets. Harden’s my guy, I got him on my fantasy team so I’ve been watching their games, he’s a beast! I’m going to go ahead and say Lebron is going to do a mid season trade to the Raps and we’re going to take it. If that doesn’t happen then probably a Golden State repeat. It would be real nice to see a different finals matchup, which may be the case cause the Cavs are shitting the bed. Oh and Hayward for MVP.Can you tell the people who Cletus is, where he’s been hiding and when we can expect him back in our lives?Hahah oh fuck, I don’t even know where to begin. Cletus is basically a cooler version of me. He’s a middle aged man from middle America who looks and sounds exactly like me. It’s fucked! Except he’s balding, has better posture and a much more successful tinder game. He hasn’t been back in Toronto for a while now, I haven’t seen him for some time. Last I heard from him, he sent me a postcard from his new home in Fiji. He married some Brazilian model and his hair is starting to grow back. Hopefully he comes back for a visit soon!Can you throw one of the following three people under the bus with a story of your choosing? Mitch Barrette, Matt Canadien, Chad Dickson.Hahah damn, sorry in advance. I’ll give Mitch and Matt a break and take this opportunity to share a little story about Chad. We rode for DC at the time and we were on a world tour, our first and only stop was Hamilton Ontario. I’m not sure how it happened but a bearded chick showed up in the hotel room. Chad disappeared and returned a couple mins later wearing nothing but a hat, socks and underwear. One thing led to another, he hooked up with a bearded lady. I guess I can’t knock it till I try it. I wish I got to see these guys more, love em all to death.What’s keeping you busy these days? Give us a day in the life.Well after a pretty chill 9 year summer break I decided to go back to school, that’s basically been my life these days. I wish I had something mind blowing for you. I wake up, get my cat to chase a laser for 10 minutes, then go to school. I’ve been working on a couple side things. dI’m doing a commercial for my dad and working on a friends film. Ive been really enjoying the change of pace, and exposure to different types of work, but its definitely tough to keep up at times. If I don’t have too much shit to do, I’ll go skate or try to get out of the city for a bit.Kickflip - Photo by Ralph DammanWhat do you have up your sleeve for 2018?Oh man, big year. Hopefully a couple guest tricks here and there haha. I plan on putting a lot of focus into school at the moment. other than that just skate as much as I can, chill with friends, ball on Fridays and hopefully the road trip of pain in the summer. Try to enjoy myself as much as possible.

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